Migrate to USN WordPress

Prepare and export the HBV WordPress blog

Pretty much the only preparation that is needed is to check the media content. You need to check if any files have the same name/title. Even if they are of different file type, the name/title the import on the USN WordPress blog will fail if two files have the same name/title.

Log in to HBV WordPress and go to the admin page of the blog you want to migrate.

Choose Tools -> Export
Wordpress export import 001

Then, click the button “Download Export File”
Wordpress export import 002

The file will be saved as an XML file. Save it in a location where you can find it later.

Then, log in to USN WordPress (https://wordpress.usn.no/) and go to the admin page on the blog where you want to import the content. If you haven’t got a blog, this needs to be created first.

On the USN WordPress blog, choose Tools -> Import
Wordpress export import 003

Click “Run Importer”
Wordpress export import 004

Click “Choose File”, and browse to the XML file you exported from the HBV WordPress blog.
Wordpress export import 005

Then, click “Upload file and import”
Wordpress export import 006

Now you will be presented with a list of authors from the HBV WordPress blog. For each author, you need to select which user on the USN WordPress blog will be the author. In the example below there is only one author, and I will select the corresponding USN user. Click “Select” to choose the USN author.
Wordpress export import 007

Here the author is selected. Now tick the box “Download and import file attachments”, and then click “Submit”.
Wordpress export import 008

If everything goes well, you should see this message:
Wordpress export import 009

If you see any error messages, you might need to do some changes in the HBV blog, usually with the media files, and try a new export and import. If you’re still having problems, a possibility is also to manually copy and paste content in the posts and pages, and to download media files from the HBV blog and upload them to the USN blog.

Appearance (Themes, menus, widgets, etc)

Customisations and settings regarding themes (colors, header images, etc), menus, widgets, etc., you will most likely have to do manually on the USN blog.

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